Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sites to See: Tobi
With new arrivals coming in with a deal of 30% off, classic pieces (always with some edge), and their amazing selection... how can I not? Tobi has been my secret addiction (well not so secret anymore) for quite some time. It's an online boutique with something for every one.
Median Prices - Sale Items range between $5-$40, and everydays a sale!
Shipping - $7.50
Quality - Much of the clothing is really well made and there are a lot of brands you may be familiar with.
Sizing - I'm a size 14 (36DD, and a bit of a booty) and can fit their Large rather comfortably. Therefore, I deem this SWFGF: Somewhat Fat Girl Friendly. I say somewhat because anything above a large is less than seldom found and I couldn't fathom trying any of their jeans. Their leggings fit fine.
What I've Recently Bought:
Besides the skirt worn in my 'About Me' Section...
Dress- $33, Ring- $8, Leggings- $15, Top- $32

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Deal or Spiel?

By now I'm sure you're familiar with the way flash sale sites work; however, I'm going to give you a brief run through.
Flash sale sites like livingsocial and GILT (and Fab) offer things for a discount price (usually anywhere between 20-70% off original value) for a limited amount of time until all of the products (and even activity and vacation packages) are sold out. is another flash sale site, but focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and home products. They showcase some of the lesser known designers (so don't expect to see bow-down brands you're familiar with).
Here are just a few of the things I spied during today's check in:
Sooooo... Deal or Spiel?
I've ordered from Fab, sometimes they can take some time to deliver. On the bright side, there are many good savings to be had. The surprises keep coming. Top hats as lighting fixtures? Who really saw that one coming? Shipping is usually around $5, depending on the size of what's being shipped. Fab has proven to offer the new and edgy of just about everything. I would say this site is the real DEAL.