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There is a certain list of rules, that I personally live by in order to appease the Real Deal Frugal Gods. They have taken some time to develop and have evolved over the years. They are also still growing. What started as one simple rule of thumb, grew into what I am sharing with you today. I'm not saying you have to follow all of them, just take them as you need them.

And so, without any further ado, My Rules of Living a Stylishly Full and Frugal Life.

The rule of 3

  • When you get paid , split it into three categories. The three being BILLS (bleh, but necessary; this goes towards all living expenses including food), SAVE (for long time goals or emergencies), and FREE CASH (spend it, save it,  whatever, it's your money that you are allowed to choose what to do with).
Never say "No" because it's not a brand

  • I know all those items marked up with all of the trendy letters and brand names that seem to cost an extra 100+ dollars to sport look cool, but really think about it. These companies are brilliant. They have you paying them to advertise for their company. There is always an under $100, if not under $50, alternative to any piece of apparel or accessory you think you crave.
Simple pieces go a long, long, long way

  • Invest in basic, solid items. T-shirts, camisoles, tank tops, pants, jackets… all of them can be layered and dressed in a thousand different ways when they are simple solids.
Don't be afraid to accessorize

  • Since we just touched on simple pieces, I figured this was the best to follow. Accessories can make all the difference to any outfit and have the power to jazz up those simple solids. They add the most personal touch to what you wear and show your personality.
Don't feel bad about splurging on the basics

  • These being
  1. White button down blouse
  2.  A great fitting pair of jeans
  3.  At least one suit (blazer, pant, and pencil skirt)
  4.  The classic trench coat
  5.  YOUR perfect little black dress- One that complements your shape and personality.
  6.  The perfect pumps- They should be basic, match almost anything, and preferably comfy.
  7.  A wrap dress in YOUR perfect color/pattern.
  8.  A cute but comfy pair of go-to flats
  9.  A signature scarf
  10.  Face-flattering sunglasses
 Try the things that you ordinarily would not

  • Some things look better on you than on the hanger...
Enjoy the simple things, and don't get hung up on the glamorous
  • Trips into the wild or to free events may not be as glamorous as the spa, but can turn out to be more fun. Just remember to have a positive attitude. Don't just seek a good time, bring the fun wherever you go!
Ask yourself, 'Do I really…?'
  • -need this
  • -want this
  • -have to have this
Learn how to sew (not professionally, just simple basics)

Don't be afraid of the CSC's, coupons/sales/cost (in this case, low cost)

You'll be surprised if you just look
  • Places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx can be overwhelming, but you will be amazed by what you may find.
  • THRIFT PEOPLE!!! Take a day and go thrifting, AMAZING finds for PENNIES!
Yes, it's on sale. No, you don't have to buy it.
  • Sometimes you can be pulled in by the allure of a 'good deal.' Make sure that it's something you will actually make use of.  Sales ignite that "BUY NOW" feeling in most of us, be strong and try to keep a level head about it.
Some things just never go out of style…
  • Like classic silhouettes, a positive attitude, and your amazing (and super sexy) CONFIDENCE!

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