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Three words could sum up my life as it stands: Broke College Student! So many times I've said things like, "Why isn't this cheaper?" or "What kind of sale is this?" or reading a magazine and thinking that it was great they had a feature where everything is under $100, only to find a lot of items costing over $50. I've always wondered why these fashion 'experts' just don't get it. Not everyone can afford to pay $346 for some designer fragile necklace, $573 for the new 'It' bag, or $798 for the 'got-to-have-it' shoes.

Pretty Broke & Fab (PBF) is focused on finding ways to enjoy life and fashion without blowing up the bank. It's for those of us who know that when we think of a true fashion deal, we want it under $50. It's for those who work the hardest for some of the lowest wages known to man. It's for those who have bills to pay or kids to raise, but don't want to sacrifice their fashion sense. It's for broke people everywhere who are sick of being told that only by splurging, you can look and feel great.

This is why I began this site. I've seen others that were similar, but I found myself having to delve into rant after article after list and such just to find a new budget friendly place to shop. On PBF I have tried my best to lay it all out there for you. I am willing to share everything with you. My new finds, shopping experiences,  DIY attempts, and more will all be here for you to see. I hope you enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to stay updated.

Stay Pretty, Overcome the Broke, & Live Fabulously!



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