About the Blogger

I hate to spend money. The problem is I love fashion! Being on trend, if not ahead of it, is a passion of mine; however, spending tons of money on something that may soon go out of style or I may get sick of will never make sense to me. This blog is dedicated to girls like me... fashionable, but on a budget.
Truth be told, I was 'that girl' who spent $50+ on a t-shirt that had someone's name on it and used to be completely ok with it. But now, I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT (in the form of a cut back in allowance as a teenager and living expenses as an adult). So until those t-shirts with someone else's brand on it also comes with a contract stating that I will get paid every time I wear it for all of the free advertising I provide... you will never see me sporting someone's logo or brand large enough to see without glasses.
And now I love finding steals and deals to help me get the things I love without having to put up much cash. Once I realized just how much I archived within my computer (sites, DIYs, other blogs, tricks), I felt it was time to share it with the world!
Hope you enjoy!

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