Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2-Minute DIY: Back Slit Maxi Dress

This Dress now sold out at was so simple and cute, but it was $38.98.


So I found a similar dress at H&M for $17.95 (that's still available) and grabbed some scissors.
Here's the dress:


Find the center of the back of the dress (if you line the side seams up with each other and lay it flat, it's a lot easier). Then use the scissors to cut the back slit. I cut mine the length of  my arm from the longest finger tip to the elbow. Magically, it's the same length of my leg from heel to knee. Play with the trends of the double front slit or single side slit. The choice is yours!
The H&M tank maxi is so simple and easy to revamp that I went back to buy two more to redo my way, one in turquoise and the other in a heather gray.  Look for those changes soon... Happy revamping!

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