Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rain, Rain...Time to Play!

So it's raining today, and it got me thinking...
What's so unique about rain in the Spring/Summer season is not only is it raining, but it's pretty warm out. Being prepared for the rain in the colder seasons seems to be pretty simple: coat/jacket/trench and whatever underneath with whatever waterproof boots you have. For the warm Spring & Summer, there is so much opportunity to have fun with your warm, rain look.
Here are a few looks, ALL outfits totaling $100 or under!
$95-Groovy Baby
Mod Rain - $95

Forever 21 retro style dress
$25 - forever21.com
$25 - bakersshoes.com
H M magnetic clutch
£13 - hm.com
Forever 21 daisy jewelry
$4.80 - forever21.com
See through umbrella
$20 - modcloth.com
$100-Pastel Bright
Rain - $100

$20 - forever21.com
$30 - asos.com
$20 - bakersshoes.com
Forever 21 ring
$4.80 - forever21.com
$7.90 - loveculture.com
Fulton umbrella
$17 - asos.com
$98- Edge of Rain
$98- Edge or Rain
$97- Plus Color
Plus Size Rain- $97

Forever 21 striped top
$16 - forever21.com
Forever 21 zipper jeans
$25 - forever21.com
$20 - bakersshoes.com
$15 - pinkice.com
Stripe Umbrella
$20 - accessorize.com

In the end, remember this: Have fun! The Spring and Summer is all about having fun with styles and colors. Choose what you love. Rainy days can feel a bit gloomy, so why not be the quirky bit of sunshine to brighten the day?!

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