Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY: The Ankle-lace

Why can't your ankle get a little fancy for your night out?
This is a variation on the anklet, a little more jazzy, that's meant to be worn specifically with heels. I first got inspiration for this DIY from my fave site, It was priced at $30, is no longer there, and unfortunately I can't tell you the designer (but great work mystery perp!).
Cute right?!
But again, the $30 price tag did not work for me. So like many of my other craft DIY projects, I took to eBay. I knew I would need jumprings, some sort of clasp (in this case a lobster clasp), and chain. AND I FOUND THEM ALL!!!
3ft for $1.04, free shipping
50 for $1.99, free shipping
400 for $1.50, free shipping
Which brought the total cost of this DIY to $5. Less if you considered how much/many of the items were actually used.

Other tools used:
-Strong pair of scissors
-2 tweezers (not really, but if you have delicate fingers you may want them to twist the jumprings
1. Loosely wrap chain around your ankle
Make sure to flex your foot. This will simulate the space needed when walking so that the chain won't be too taught.
2. Cut where needed with the scissors.
3. Connect Jumprings to both ends of the chain. Then on one end, connect the lobster clasp to the jumpring.
Jumprings are twisted open and close. Mine were easy to do with my fingers, but if it's hard for you, pinch one side of the opening with the tweezer and twist the other side with the other tweezer.
4. Lay flat and eyeball where you want your center chain to be and connect a jumpring. Then count 5 links from that and add another. This is hard to type out, the pics should help.
Nothing is connected but the jumprings. I laid the chain out to get an idea of how it would look and exactly how long I wanted the hanging chains.
Here were MY measurements. You can change them to suit you however you'd like.
-Ankle chain: 9"
-center chain: 4"
-middle chain: 6"
-outside chain: 8"
Believe it or not, I didn't plan that. I measured only after I cut them. MAGIC! lol
5. Put on the ankle chain (it's easier, at least for me, to connect the chains) and connect the chains.
Twist the jumprings close as you attach so that the chain won't keep falling off.
6. Look cute, put on heels, and take pictures!!! 
You can change this however you like! Experiment! Add beads, other chains, pieces of old necklaces you have laying around and don't wear anymore. I was thinking of adding a portion of a locket necklace I don't wear anymore and keeping the locket on. Why someone would look at a locket on my foot, idk... but the locket is cute.
Here's the finished (basic) product:
Pardon my dirty floor, I had just gotten finished distressing some vintage flare jeans.

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